FAQ – Frequently asked questions

FAQ – Frequently asked questions


  1. What does a management consultant do exactly?

Management consultants help organisations to solve issues, create value, maximise growth and improve business performance. They use their business skills to provide objective advice and expertise and help an organisation develop any specialist skills that it may be lacking.

  1. What is the difference between business consultancy and management consultancy?

Business consultants are specialists who offer short-term support and advice to new and emerging companies to help them grow, while management consultants train managers or leaders one-to-one or in teams at all levels of a company.

  1. Why should I hire a management consultant?

A consultant can identify your challenges and provide solutions by sharing what worked for them in the past and what did not. Management consultants give your business the benefit of learning from failures without having to experience them firsthand.

  1. What problems do management consultants solve?

Management Consultants help businesses make strategic decisions that directly impact the entire company. They evaluate issues that the client is facing and help them develop action plans for improvement.

  1. What are the steps of the consulting process?

The stages of the process are very well-established. They are: Understand the Client, Analyze, Design, Plan, Execute, Transition and Support.

  1. How much does consulting cost?

The simple answer to this is that although a consultant will charge you a fee, just about every client sees cost-savings and growth in profits which are many times greater than the fee.

  1. What are the 3 P’s of consulting?

It’s a given that just about every project will encompass these three basic principles: Process, People, and Prerequisites.

  1. What are the 5 models of consulting?

Consultancy almost always fits into one of five main categories: strategy consulting, operations consulting, financial consulting, information technology consulting and human resources consulting.

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