Financial Management

Douglas McColl

Senior Consultant

Expert Financial Strategy for Business Success: business restructuring, driving growth, unlocking cash and cashflow projections, due diligence.

Douglas has extensive financial management and experience including leadership roles in Philips Domestic Appliances, Big 4 consulting firms and as CEO of his own company in Cambodia for eight years. He has led multi-site, multi-discipline teams as a business partner to drive working capital and cost reduction and improved controls. He has also led strategy & business development linked to hands-on project management and restructuring to achieve strategic & business goals.


As your financial management consultant, Douglas will build and support the implementation of plans to:

  • Reduce operating costs through spending oversight
  • Release cash locked up in stocks and debtors and improve cash projections
  • Improve business returns with strategic resource allocation and better management information to take decisions
  • Minimize risk exposure through contingency planning and improved controls.


Here are a few questions you might ask Douglas before a preliminary meeting:

Q: Why is proper financial planning important for companies?
A: Proper financial planning is essential to control spending, mitigate risks, and drive profitability.

As your financial consultant I can develop customized strategies aligned with your business goals. These can include establishing smart budgets, optimizing cash flow, facilitating capital access, and allocating resources efficiently.

I will work with you to help you accurately forecast, which will enable you to; increase cost savings, find funding, maximize profits, and seize growth opportunities. Even during downturns, you’ll stay agile.

Q: Why are cashflow projections important?
A: Cashflow projections are fundamental to the financial health of a business. They evaluate the feasibility of business strategies, plan for growth, manage working capital, and ensure the company can meet its financial obligations.

Q: What is business restructuring and why is it important?
A: Business restructuring is a critical process undertaken when a company faces financial difficulties or needs to adapt to a changing market environment. It involves reorganizing the legal, ownership, operational, or other structures to make the company more profitable or better organized. It streamlines operations, improves efficiencies, cuts costs, increases competitiveness, attracts investment, improves debt repayment capabilities, and positions the company for future growth.

Q: Does my financial strategy need to be refreshed to reflect the current market?
A: Refreshing your strategy is vital when market conditions change.

Q: What is the importance of due diligence?
A: The importance of due diligence cannot be overstated. In previous roles, my work involved identifying potential risks and liabilities, assessing business value, and informing negotiation strategies. Due diligence provides the necessary assurance for buyers or investors to make informed decisions and help avoid costly pitfalls or over paying for a business / assets.

Q: Do you know what to look for, and the ways of avoiding the pitfalls of buying into a business?
A: I will guide you in identifying key factors and avoiding potential pitfalls when acquiring a business.

Bring our senior consultant’s decades of financial expertise to your management team. Contact us today for help developing and implementing sound financial strategies that turn plans into sustainable success.


Paul Adair

Senior Consultant


Optimize your financial operations while ensuring compliance with government regulations.

Paul has thirty years of professional experience in commercial and professional service organizations. He has both technical knowledge and practical experience in financial reporting, budgeting, cash management, strategic planning, process improvement and change management, mergers & acquisitions, IFRS & GAAP, developing Corporate Governance frameworks and risk management strategies as well as internal and external audit skills.


A CFO in Cambodia for nine years, Paul has worked with a diverse array of businesses.

Through a comprehensive review of your financial and administrative systems, Paul will:

  • Identify areas for improvement and propose tailored solutions.
  • Analyse the alignment between financial reports and budgets
  • Provide insights to enhance accuracy and efficiency
  • Propose systems and procedures that enable easy and secure access to critical financial data, empowering decision-making at the highest level.


Compliance with government agencies is crucial for the smooth running of your organization so Paul will conduct a thorough review to ensure adherence to all regulatory requirements. In the event of any non-compliance issues, he will not only provide detailed reports and recommendations to address them, he will work with your team to implement the changes effectively.

Paul offers a comprehensive review of your organization’s financial management practices, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. His work will enable you to make informed decisions.

He also provides comprehensive training on systems and procedures upgrades, ensuring a smooth transition and equipping your team with the necessary skills for success.

Trust our expertise to unlock the full potential of your financial operations and propel your organization towards sustainable growth.


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