Project Planning, Management & Training

Carl Proszek

Senior Consultant

Confidently plan and execute your projects with expert guidance.

As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®), Carl has over a decade of experience representing clients in the planning and execution of major projects across Asia and Africa. He has led high-performing, cross-functional teams on numerous substantial real estate acquisitions and sales projects and has achieved outstanding results directing large-scale construction projects in the most challenging of places. An adept mentor and trainer, he has authored and provided project management, real estate, and construction contract administration training to hundreds of students across dozens of countries. He has a long history of guiding projects to successful completion within budget and on time.

Carl specialises in providing strong representation for the client, whether that be at the negotiation table, through detailed contract administration, or out in the field. A highly skilled negotiator, he has represented the client in many major real estate transactions and construction contracts and has closed deals that reach across cultures and places. He has served as the Engineer on numerous large FIDIC construction contracts. Carl is also fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

As your consultant Carl can provide:

  • A-Z solutions: Leading or guiding projects from the initial investigation phases right through to close-out.
  • Project investigation reports: Data gathering and report development to help assess the necessity and viability of the potential project.
  • Requirement gathering: Conducting an analysis of stakeholder requirements and needs. Assistance with prioritisation and selection.
  • Planning options and strategy reports: Preparation of reports that present various strategies and solutions to meet the documented needs and requirements.
  • Real estate acquisition due diligence: Carrying out physical and legal due diligence to reduce risk exposure when purchasing property.
  • Real estate negotiation strategies: Advising on the maximum purchase price or minimum sales price for property and land acquisitions and divestments together with recommended negotiation strategies.
  • Property searches: Conducting detailed searches to assist the client in identifying the most suitable target purchases.
  • Negotiations: Offering client representation during all aspects of the negotiations, from pricing to contract terms and conditions.
  • Contract administration: Providing detailed and rapid contract monitoring, controlling, and administration during project execution to ensure the contractor is meeting the client requirements.
  • Scope management: Providing and/or reviewing tools and methods for managing project scope and helping projects avoid scope creep.
  • Request for proposals: Assistance in the development of detailed requests for proposals for construction projects or other related consulting services. Guidance in the review, selection, and negotiation of contractor proposals.
  • Process review: Reviews of project processes, templates, workflows, etc., together with recommendations for streamlining and improvement.
  • Stakeholder and vendor management: Advice on building and maintaining relationships with various project stakeholders and vendors, including contractors, lawyers, agents, appraisers, and so forth.
  • Value engineering: Project detail and design reviews to enable value engineering and effective cost management.
  • Mentorship: Mentoring c-suite professionals in project leadership, methodologies, delivery, and management.
  • Training: Tailor-made project management and construction contract training programmes either remotely or in person.


Above are just a few of the project management-related consulting services that we offer. Carl’s expertise, combined with the expert skills of our other consultants, can guide you in all aspects of planning and executing your projects in Cambodia. Reach out to us to see how we can help you.

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