Customer Experience

Darren Harris

Senior Consultant

With over 35 years of experience, Darren is a seasoned customer experience consultant known for his exceptional work with global companies. He has a proven track record of delivering seamless customer experiences that enhance satisfaction, efficiency, and profitability.

Specializing in sales, marketing, call centres, and retail operations, Darren optimizes service levels and key performance indicators (KPIs) to exceed expectations. By strategically focusing on these core departments, he designs comprehensive customer journeys that address pain points and create fluid experiences across all touchpoints.

Darren’s expertise has significantly impacted customer perception and essential metrics like satisfaction, NPS, retention, growth, and profitability. His deep understanding of the customer journey enables him to identify improvement opportunities and implement strategies that consistently exceed expectations.

Partnering with Darren means accessing his extensive experience to enhance your commercial departments, streamline operations, and create a memorable customer journey. Elevate your company’s customer experience strategy and differentiate yourself in the market.

Customer Experience (CX) – Shaping Relationships and Perceptions

Customer experience (CX) encompasses all interactions throughout the customer journey, extending beyond purchases. It focuses on cultivating and maintaining the business-customer relationship. From customer service calls to advertisements and bill payments, each interaction shapes the customer’s perception of the company. Importantly, CX is the cumulative result of these collective interactions.

Darren’s Analysis and Reporting

Darren conducts in-depth analysis and reporting on essential aspects, including customer touchpoints and the customer journey.

Customer Touchpoints

Touchpoints are moments when customers directly or indirectly interact with a brand. They significantly influence the overall customer experience, ranging from initial awareness to post-purchase interactions. Physical and digital touchpoints, third-party vendors, and internal departments all play a crucial role in shaping customer perceptions.

Understanding these touchpoints is vital for enhancing the customer experience. By comprehending how customers feel at each stage, organizations can focus on targeted improvements. This tailored approach allows for refining specific aspects without overhauling the entire journey. Consistently meeting customer needs and expectations influences their decisions to purchase, renew, or recommend the brand.

Customer Journey

The customer journey encompasses all touchpoints encountered before, during, and after a purchase or service usage. It includes elements influenced by the organization and third parties, both internal and external. Recognizing this distinction is crucial, as even elements beyond direct control impact the overall customer experience.

Darren’s expertise empowers organizations to shape relationships, improve perceptions, and optimize the customer journey. Gain insights that drive customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy.


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