Top Consulting is your trusted partner to address your organization’s pain points through professional consultancy services. Our qualified consultants possess in-depth market-specific knowledge to empower business growth. We specialize in tackling cost-saving challenges, ensuring compliance, and driving efficiency improvements. With our flexible solutions tailored to your unique needs, we help you overcome obstacles and optimize your operations. Experience seamless communication with our Khmer language support.

Together, let’s unlock the untapped potential of your business.

Our Consultants

Benefit from the expertise of consultants who have successfully operated medium and large businesses in Cambodia. They have faced and solved operational, financial, and other business challenges, implementing effective solutions that drove success. Their extensive market knowledge and experience are at your disposal.

Advising and Implementing

We guide strategic plans from insight to action, partnering with you from vision to tangible results. With a focus on seamless transformation and delivery, we ensure your strategies are executed effectively.

We’re Unique! Consultancy by Business Leaders

Imagine having an experienced business expert on your team whenever you need one. Now you can. Our consultants have hands-on experience operating businesses and offer practical advice, support, and implementation.

Expert Consulting to Boost Performance

Our specialists provide hands-on assistance to sharpen performance, solve problems, and seamlessly implement solutions.

Contact us to benefit from our team of experts, who will save costs and enhance compliance in the fields of
Financial Management, Supply Chain, Human Resources, Risk Management and Project Management.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Our supply chain consultancy services encompass a wide range of critical areas, ensuring optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
They will unlock efficiency, make cost savings, and support informed decision-making...

Financial Management

Expert Financial Strategy for Business Success: business restructuring, driving growth, unlocking cash and cashflow projections, due diligence.
Trust our expertise to unlock the full potential of your financial operations and propel your organization towards sustainable growth...

Risk Management

Be confident and prepared with our risk management consulting.
By taking a proactive approach to risk management, you can avoid preventable disasters and operate with confidence. Our consulting services follow the ISO 31000 standard as a proven, effective framework tailored to your unique needs...

Human Resources

Our Human Resources consultancy offers comprehensive solutions to optimize your HR function.
Our expertise will ensure compliance, streamline processes, and create a positive work environment that boosts productivity and employee retention...

Project Planning, Management & Training

Confidently plan and execute your projects with expert guidance.
Our expertise, combined with the expert skills of our other consultants, can guide you in all aspects of planning and executing your projects in Cambodia. Reach out to us to see how we can help you...

Customer Experience

Elevate your business with our Senior Consultant specializing in Customer Experience. Boost the performance of your commercial department, spanning sales, call centres, and retail operations.
Whether you offer top-notch products or services, true sales maximization comes with optimizing the customer experience. Let our expertise guide you towards increased success...